Students & Projects

Nader Abu-Alrub

ECE Ph.D. Student

Fall 2019 - Current

AI, Sensor Fusion, Autonomous Driving, Path Planning, Adverse Weather

YouTube Video (click the image)

Shreyas Reddy

ECE Master Student

Summer 2021 - current

Mobile robot mapping (SLAM) operating system (ROS) development.

Melanie Martinez-Lopez

Summer 2021 MiCUP Scholar

Visiting student from Grand Rapids Community College, majoring in Computer Information Systems.

Mobile Robot SLAM, ROS, Python

Henry lnyang

Summer 2021 MiCUP Scholar

Visiting student from Wayne County Community College, majoring in Electronic Technology.

Programmable Logic Controllers, Mobile Robot Development, Python

Tyson Bethke

BS EE Technology

Senior Design

Fall'20 - Spring'21

Development of PID Control Laboratory Trainer System

Tony Wise Skyler Reinhardt

BS Electrical Engineering Technology

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Senior Design Project

Gesture Controlled Collaborative Robotic System and Lab Kit

BS EE Technology, Summer 2020, Senior Design 1 contribution Development of Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Mobile Robot

YouTube Video of the robot ~~>

Tayler Bethke

BS in Electrical Engineering Technology,

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Senior Design Project: Autonomous Ground Robot Navigation using ROS and CoppeliaSim

Hrishikesh PotdarECE Research AssistantFall'19, Summer'20, Thermal Face Detection
Prajakta ChavanECE Research AssistantFall 2019 AI in Autonomous Driving
Jatin SighMS Mechatronics RASpring 2020 Industrial Robot Vision